Sunday, July 1, 2012

Field Trip to make Cookies!! Yum!

We went on a field trip this past Monday. It was a bit crazy for the teachers because we had to prepare several tests for our afternoon students for that same day. Nevertheless, it seemed that everyone had a good time.

The trip took place at a coffee shop.  My students got the chance to enjoy a fun double-decker play area. They had quite a bit of time to do this while the older kids from our school got to make their cookies. The ceiling to the play area was a bit low and the tiny steps leading upstairs were almost too small for me and I caught myself several times from falling.  Needless to say, I mostly stayed downstairs and watched from a distance.

We enjoyed some lunch and then it was our turn to make cookies! I'm not quite sure what all was said to the students about the cookies except for general gestures that were made that I could recognize.  I'm curious how the dough tasted that my students had the opportunity to sample because all I could smell was a very strong fragrance of butter.

Each child washed their hands and put on adorable aprons! After the demonstration, they were given three or four cookie cutters, a small ball of dough, and a little piece of wax paper.  They were to take a piece and flatten their dough with their fist.  With my students, the dough turned out pretty flat.  I kept having to reshape the dough and make it thicker so we didn't have any burnt cookies.  Once there were pieces of dough on the wax paper in different shapes, the demonstrator brought sprinkles around for each of the children to add to their cookies.  Some of the children had the teachers add the sprinkles for them.

 Once we were finished, the children were given a little more time to play while their cookies baked.  I got out my iPad and some of the children from our school gathered around to look at a coloring book application that I have on there.  They really enjoyed that! ;)  I never got a chance to see the finished cookies, they were wrapped up in little bags and when we returned to the school, my co-teacher had them all put in the children's backpack that I have no idea what they looked like.  I hope they enjoyed eating them as much as they did making them! :)

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