Friday, June 1, 2012

My first day of School

I wrote this e-mail to my mom, but I thought that it was pretty basic information to share with everyone else.  I'm working at Shinil public school in Suji and I'm having a great time.

My day went really well.  All the students were very excited for a new teacher and they were mostly good.  It feels just like a typical class at home.  There are students who are the troublemakers and some who do not care, but for the most part everyone is good.  Everyone loves that I'm so tall and wants to know everything about me.  They are also so curious of foreigners.  The school is very nice and I'm excited for all the resourses I have and the help I"m getting from the school.  I've been giving free reigns on the curriculum.  I have to follow the book, but that only takes around 20 min or my 40 min lesson.  So I have another 20 min. to do whatever I want.  My schedule is super easy.  Mon-Friday I'm teaching 9-12pm.  and 2 days I teach kindergarten for 25 min.  the rest of the time I have prep.  For right now I love teaching public school.  I have enough to do whatever I want, and a direction with a curriculum that I can just push aside for the most part.  do pages 1-2 and then we'll go into real learning.  For the most part the students know english pretty well.  I know I will have to be patient since they do not understand what I"m saying.  In one of my classes I have a really cute down syndrom girl.  She is very loving and cute.  I think I made an instant bond with her.  She likes my hairy arms and always wants to give me hugs.  For the most part all the students are very loving and nice and I think I hear from everyone including boys "your soooo tall and your soooo handsome."  I know I won't hear that anywhere else.  I think it will be a great year.  I'm very excited to do more work here.

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