Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Charlie Brown Cafe

This past fall while out for my birthday, a friend of mine mentioned that there was a Charlie Brown Cafe in Hongdae or the Honguk University Station on the green line (line 2). Anyway,  we went to try and find this again during our Christmas break and retrace our steps in the daylight.....quite a difficult task, but we eventually stumbled upon it!  It's a cute little cafe at the top of a hill in somewhat of a back alley. But, you can't miss Charlie Brown standing outside.

There is a lot of Peanuts memorabilia all over the cafe including some that you can purchase.  It is a very comfortable little cafe with both couch seats adorned with snoopy plush pillows and tables and chairs with Peanut silhouettes. At the counter are many delicatessens shaped like Peanuts characters.  You can purchase whole cheesecakes shape like Snoopy's and Woodstock's heads, or simple cake slices with silhouettes of characters in colored sugar on the plate.  As for the drinks, there is a large variety of drinks to select and many of the hot drinks can have Snoopy or Charlie Brown pictured in your foam.....we found out that if you get whipped cream, you can't see Snoopy in the foam. :(  Oh, well.  Also, on the mugs are official Charlie Brown Cafe seals.

This was a cozy atmosphere for Chris and I to sit, enjoy some cocoa and play on our electronic gadgets. (This one is dedicated to my mom.  Her favorite character is Snoopy and if it hadn't been for her, we probably wouldn't have seen this.)

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