Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitty Cat Cafe

       This summer, we went to a Kitty Cat Cafe in Seohyeon station in Bundang, Seoul, South Korea.  It hadn't been open for very long when we went.  When they first opened, there was a person standing outside in a kitty costume trying to usher people to the new cafe.
       When we arrived, we had to remove our shoes and wash our hands with sanitizer.  The cost was 8,000won per person.  This included a drink.  They were so sweet there and tried their best to speak as much English as possible.  They ask us if we spoke any Korean and we said " No, not really."  It seemed as if they had a certain list of information that they were supposed to say to us.  However, as much as she tried she soon gave up on trying to explain everything to us.  In our opinion, she did alright speaking English to us, but as we have learned most Koreans are very nervous about their how good their English is.  So then she tried to show us the list of beverages available, but it was all in Korean and we were trying to mention all the teas that we have seen in Korea but they didn't have the ones that we knew.  When we mentioned lemon tea she said no but we have lemonade.  We both agreed to just go with lemonade.  There are tables and chairs for you to put your tray, coats and belongings while you play with the cats. When they brought our glasses of lemonade, we also received a small basket of chocolate chip cookies.
        There are a variety of cats in the cafe.  We counted roughly twenty cats.  There are Himalayan  cats, Siamese cats, a hairless cat, a tortoise-shell, a few tabby cats and many others.  They wer e definitely timid, but we started to realize why after watching some of the Koreans with the cats.  They don't seem to know how to handle cats.  They held them in the strangest way and the cats seemed a bit distant at times. However, they love to play!  The cafe provides feather toys and toy balls with jingle bells inside them.  There are also several climbing tower areas for them to explore/sleep on. There were a couple cats that seemed a bit ill tempered, especially with the other cats.  One cat was put in "time-out" while we were there because he couldn't behave well.  There are rugs on the floor and the cats loved it when we would put the feather underneath and slide it around.  All the cats also seem to have their front claws removed.

For those who want directions:
Seohyeon station is located on The Bundang Line (yellow) on the subway.  Take any exit from the station and you should end up in AK plaza.  Once on the first floor, look for Louis Vuitton.  Exit AK plaza from the Louis Vuitton side of the building.  The first building on your right is where you will find the cafe.  It is located on the third floor and we haven't found an elevator, only a stairwell.

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