Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What we know before we go

We thought it would be fun to show what we know before we go over there, and then see if your first impressions live up to what we expect or know.

Where we are going to live? (picture from Wikipedia)

We are moving to Bundang, South Korea, which is a suburb of Seoul the capital. We are not sure of our Korean address yet, but we will be around here. Bundang is a city that has been built around 1989 because they wanted to spread out the population of Seoul which is around 10.5 million. The Korean government created several planned communities and Bundang is one of them. This city is around 450,000 people and was created with rows and rows of apartment buildings. Unlike the big city (Seoul), they planned more parks and green areas to allow for more activities outside. Bundang has a subway line which is attached to Seoul's Subway and there are buses to get there as well. From what we have heard its around 20-60 min to get to different places in Seoul, and around 30 min to downtown. From what we have read Seoul is surrounded by mountains which is exciting to wake up and see a beautiful backdrop everyday!

Where are we going to teach?

We will be teaching at a school called EtonHouse. It is a private preschool. The children range from ages 3-8 (2-7). The ages in parenthesis are how old we feel that they are. Danelle will be teaching the Nursery class (2 1/2 and 3 year old children). Chris will be teaching an older group of children, but we do not know which age group. The hours we will be working 9:30am to 4:30pm but we only work 30 hours per week. We will be teaching science, math, and english. With Chris having a degree in PE, they want him to start a PE program at the school. I have a minor in music and they want me to teach music for them.

We have read about how most of the food is excellent and some a little strange. We are very excited to get on the plane and test it all out for ourselves! Nearly a week left.

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