Sunday, January 30, 2011

apartment and more...

Here's a video we posted on youtube from our first night in Korea.  Everything we have done so far has been so much fun and we love every bit of Korea.  We were told that our apartment is a lot bigger then most other teachers.  We are still waiting for other furniture to arrive because they still have some teachers on contract till the end of February.  We have cleaned up the apt, but we still need internet and curtains :(  We'll post some more videos when we have more time on the internet, but until then enjoy the video and Danelle's first experience flying.  

Danelle's first experience on a plane:

My first experience in an airport/plane was not at all what anyone had explained to me.  It was easy.  We took our bags and had to stand in line.  Once it was our turn to collect our tickets, we stepped up, said how many bags we had and weighed them.  The woman tagged our bags, gave us our tickets and we were on our way to another line.  The next line was for security.  We had time to have our shoes already off held our coats in our hands and were able to get our belongings put into the bins quickly.  We had a couple hours to just sit and wait for the plane.  The plane arrived and I had to take all kinds of pictures of the plane and a picture of us before we boarded.  We were in the back of the plane and with KoreanAir, those passengers board first.  We stepped onto the plane got our bags put up in the overhead compartment and took our seats.  The plane took a while to get into the air.  As soon as we started takeoff, it felt like we were being shot out of a gun.  It was quite the adrenaline rush. I really enjoyed that part.  There was a really rude man on the plane with us who slept halfway in the isle, hit on the flight attendants and was just disgusting! Chris had to sit across from him and he smelled of alcohol and BO.  They served us several snacks and drinks as well as two meals.  There were many options on the plane for entertainment during the long flight.  There were numerous movies to view as well as several games to play.  The was also a sky map that showed where we were, how long we had left to fly, how fast we were going, etc.  My favorite part of the flight was flying over the Russian desert, it was absolutely beautiful.  I had never seen a desert before in my life and I was just amazed. However, I doubt others on the plane appreciated it because most of them were trying to sleep.  That which I got little to none of, I could not sleep a wink.  For one, it is extremely difficult for me to sleep sitting up.  Too much of everything going on and I just couldn’t miss any of it.  We got to Korea and began to land.  This is where I started to feel awful.  I  thought I was going to be sick, I think this may have to do with the fact that it was around 2am US central time and 4pm South Korea time.
                We landed at Incheon Airport in South Korea and went through immigration services, which didn’t take very long.  (This whole time I felt miserable.)  Afterwards, we stood around the conveyer belt waiting to collect our bags, which took a while. This gave us a chance to catch our breath. Once we had our bags, we stopped at customs to turn in our cards and exchanged some currency before finding our driver.


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