Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Movie Theaters in Korea and Watching a Movie in 4D!

              Before I talk about the 4D aspect of everything, I should talk about movie theaters in Korea. First, you have to talk a number. I would suggest that if you want to see a movie that evening, you should go earlier to get tickets that day. So, you stand in line and on screens behind the counter are a list of movies, times and available tickets for each showing. When your number flashes above the cashier, it is your turn to request tickets.
              All theaters that I have been to here in Korea understand English well enough for you to get by (or they will find somebody on staff that can help you). First tell the name of the movie that you would like to see as well as number of tickets and time....sounds familiar right? Just wait, now they will type in the information and show you a screen of seating for that theater. Yes folks, you choose your seats before entering. At first, I wasn't sure how much I liked this feature but I've gotten used to it and somewhat prefer it now.
          This absolutely blows our minds. So you've got the 3D effects of the movie. Then add chairs that tilt and have sensors that tap your back (gently). There are air holes at either side of your headrest that blow air past your head. To top it all off, there is a little hidden slot in the seat in front of you that holds water, when triggered it sprays a small mist at you. This gives amazing effects to movies. We have now seen two movies in 4D in Korea. Can't wait until this idea comes through in the states. However, it is pretty expensive. The movies that we viewed in 4D were: The Amazing Spiderman and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure, both were great!

This is the seating for the theater. So comfy! ->

<-Yes, this is the seat number in front of me. No, this is not just me trying to remember the seat I sat in for The Hobbit. Notice the four holes below the seat number, this is where the water mist comes out. Pretty cool, huh?

<- I love things that you find in Korea dealing with food accessibility. Take our drink cup in the theater: two straw holes!?!?! nice! Oh, and I wouldn't recommend the regular popcorn, it's sweet. Instead, we got some cheesy popcorn, which tastes much better.

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