Sunday, October 14, 2012

Psy Concert in Seoul

     Earlier this month, Chris found a post on Facebook that Psy was having a free concert for fans at City Hall Station.....Free concert! Of course we have to go. The only catch was that it was on a Thursday at 10pm in the middle of Seoul, we live an hour away from there and had work the next day. We decided to try it anyway.  I mean, It's Psy! For free! So, I got off work at 7pm and headed home to get ready. Grabbed a bite to eat in Gangnam at Johnny Rockets and made our way to City Hall station around 8pm.

    Once we got close to the area of the concert, the traffic of people was thickening and at the concert site, there were tons of people already there. We had to hold on to each other to weave through the crowd, but made it all the way up to roughly 15 rows from the catwalk of the stage. 

    Of course, now we had to just wait in the crowd for about an hour before the show would start. There were several videos of some of Psy's concerts while we waited. He came out in his very classy style!

The concert was so much fun! We had wall to wall people, and lots of jumping and dancing. Also, yes he did Gangnam Style, of course! Here's a video of that! ;) It's a bit shaking from the jumping/ lots of people, but enjoy!

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