Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Arctic Foxes and Pandas

We have been teaching our classes now for almost three weeks. We each have a co-teacher to work with us and plan out each day.
Danelle's class:
Danelle has eleven children in her class. Up until today, I had 10 children, so it was the first day for my newest student. As I said before I am teaching (American age) 2 1/2 to 3 year old children. The first few days of school every class has to decide on the name of their class for the year. I decided to give my kids a choice and show them 6 pictures of animals to choose from. We had hedgehogs, camels, tigers, monkeys, sloths, and pandas. It took a while for the children to answer our questions but it came to a tie and the teachers decided between the two choices. We've been working on the first two letters of the alphabet, a few numbers, and starting some phonics. The kids love to sing the daily songs and enjoy art time.

I have a well rounded group of kids. We are starting to go from the crying stage into actual daily schedules. This past week and this week we actually have done a few lessons. I have a good range of children when it comes to learning. Some of my kids are already tracing numbers and letters, while others are not interested in any of the group work and try to play constantly.

Chris's class:
Chris has 16 kids in his classroom. Its been 3 weeks since the beginning of school and I'm loving my class.  I'm teaching kindergarten-2 which is Korean age 7 and U.S. age 6.  In a lot of ways they would be in 1st grade in U.S terms.  They are very cute and know English very well.  Each of them have their own levels ranging from very high to somewhat low.  This mix of age groups is not very different from back home.  The lucky thing for me is that I have only 16 students. The down side is I have very little space.  One of the big things at EtonHouse in Korea is creating a class name.  The students picked out the name Arctic Fox after a little convincing from the teacher, wink wink.  All I have to do is say how awesome my idea was compaired to the others.

More to come)...

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